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Solar Estimator

To do a solar estimation, all you need is your electric bill.

Determine what your average kW per day usage is (this usually broken out for you some where on your bill)  Then simply divide that by the number of hours of sun in our "solar window".  We have a "window" from 9am until 3pm which is 6 hrs, but to get a good reserved yearly estimate and account for rainy days we use 4 hrs.  

example: 30 kW usage / 4 hrs of sun = 7.5 kW solar system

This would be at 100% offset.  Your system can be sized based on a target percentage of offset or to your preferred investment level. 

Sunstore provides a production model and simple return on investment based on your utility rate and individual site needs.  

If you want a better idea of the the size or cost of a PV system based on the amount of electricity your home or business uses, grab the most recent electric bills & give us a call to discuss your options!