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The Lofts at Printers Square

Columbia, SC

The Lofts is a mixed use leed gold building in the heart of downtown that incorporates a 10 4x8 collector solar water heating system that provides 75% of the hot water needed for the 10 units building.

Cusabo Island, SC

(private residence)

A small off grid application on a private island only accessible by boat employs 9 sharp 216w panels to provide energy to a bank of 12 8d agm batteries, which store 26kw of DC electricity to be inverted in to AC for household use.

Duke Energy, McAlpine Station

Charlotte, NC

grid tied system
  • 49.9kw 213 sunpower 215w panel
  • 4 uni-rac LA ground mounted arrays
  • 3 DPW pole mounted arrays
  • 3 5kw SMA sunnyboy inverters
  • 50kw Satcon inverter
This site is a utility substation so all power produced flows straight to the grid, and the clean energy is used by Duke Energy customers in the local area.

Brevard, NC

(private residence)

3.36kw Grid Tied PV electric system

16 ea. Sunpower 210w Modules with a SMA 3000w inverter.

Columbia Museum of Art

Columbia SC

41.59 kW Grid Tied Solar electric PV system to include;
  • 177 ea. Sharp 235w PV modules
  • 6 ea. SMA 7000 watt inverters
  • 1 ea. Unirac RapidRac Ballasted racking system
  • 1 ea. SMA Web box PV production monitoring package

Check out more about their production or watch it being installed.

Columbia Museum of Art Video

Columbia SC

Check out the Museum’s website for production or to watch the installation team at work here >>

Private residence in Rock Hill, SC

  • 3.44 kW Grid Tied Solar Electric System to consist of:
  • 16 ea. Sunpower 215 watt PV modules (SPR-215)
  • 1 ea. Sunpower 4000 watt Inverter (SPR 4000m)

Camelia Lane  Sandersville, GA

  • 51.6 kW Grid Tied Solar Electric system installed on two buildings;
  • 240 ea. SunPower 215 watt PV modules (SPR 215w)
  • 6 ea. SMA 7000 watt inverter (SB 7000us)

Private residence Columbia, SC

  • 6.75kW Grid Tied Solar Electric PV System
  • 30- SunPower 225w-Black modules with a SunPower/ SMA 7000w inverter

Furman University

  • 11.232 kW Grid Tied Solar PV Electric System;
  • 52 - Sharp 216 Watt PV Modules
  • 2  - SMA 5,000 Watt Inverter (SB5000US)