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Sunstore Solar is your resource, focused on giving you a clear view of your options.  From explaining differences in equipment to running production models to analyze your financial return, we can help.  You can be confident you are choosing a clean turn-key installation, which incorporates the most efficient market tested products and people with the expertise on how to properly integrate them into your home or business.

Invest in your future by generating your own power. There are many financial benefits when you go solar besides just saving money on your power bill. There is a 30% federal tax credit and a 25% South Carolina State tax credit which can be coupled together to save you 55% of the cost of your system. That is money you have to pay out in taxes anyway, which you can now use to invest in your home and reduce your personal operating cost.  In addition to tax benefits, some utility providers across our state are offering production incentives or rebates to residential and commercial customers. Depreciation is also available for businesses. Going solar and generating your own power is just plain smart. All Sunstore Solar systems are backed by a full 10 year warranty on labor and materials, with manufacturer guarantees as long as 25 years!  We also offer solar financing loan options through several top rated national providers.

We are the Solar Experts and have built our reputation on quality work and customer service.  Contact us for a quote to get started today!