Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have the space needed to accommodate a solar energy application?
After determining the size of your system, we will help find the best placement of your panels as well as your energy management equipment.  You can expect that per 1000w (1kW) of energy production you will need roughly 100 sq. ft. of space.  This can be achieved with roof space or a ground mounted array.
2. How much would my home’s PV electric system cost & how can I maximize the return on investment?
The size of your system depends on your energy usage, which varies in each application.  Grid tied systems are generally installed turn-key at $3 to $6 dollars per watt.  Becoming more energy efficient, taking advantage of federal and local incentives as well as choosing the right installation team to do the job right the first time will maximize the return on your investment.  Most residential customers see a payback in 8 to 13 years.  Businesses that claim Bonus depreciation see their return on investment in as little as 2 to 3 years. Give us a call for your answers today.
 3. Do I qualify for incentives, offered by the state and federal government for the Solar application being considered?
Click here for a complete list of incentives by State for residential and commercial Clean Renewable energy.
4. Can I get financing for a Solar System?
There are financing options available such as a more traditional 60 month loan or a 6 month same as cash that would allow you to take advantage of incentives before you put any money down. Give us a call or email for more information today.
5. Why choose Sunstore Solar?
When you choose a Sunstore Solar system, you are choosing a clean turn-key installation incorporating the most efficient, market tested products with the expertise on how to properly integrate them into your home or business.  From the design, permits, installation, interconnection, commissioning and monitoring; Sunstore Solar takes excellent care of you through the entire process. Then we provide a full 5 year warranty on all the components of the system, as well as ensuring your Solar manufacturer  warranties remain intact (such as inverters and panels) for 10-25 years as specified by the supplier. We strive to ensure the highest level of customer service and quality.  Give us a call today to get started!
6. Why go solar now?
Are you looking for a quality investment?  Now is the time to get on board with Solar!  It may cost you more to go solar in the future. Prices have already dropped substantially on solar technology with the prices of Photovoltaic (PV), the main ingredient of Silicone, at a historic low. While the price of energy from fossil fuels continues to rise as well as the government’s tax credit availability  expected to decline over the coming years. It could cost more to install solar in the future.  With the need for sustainable clean energy growing every day, why not go solar now?
7. What are the next steps?


8. Does my electric utility offer a Net metering plan?

Check out our evolving list for information on your utility's Net metering policy.  The policies are subject to change, so contact us for the latest information.           

Aiken Electric Cooperative        Chief Executive Officer: Gary L. Stooksbury

Power Quality Engineer: Lawrence Baker (803) 649.6245

Aiken Electric charges $50 per month fee for their net metering policy. 

They also require an insurance certificate listing themselves as an additional insured.   

Berkeley Electric Cooperative       President and Chief Executive Officer:  Ervin E. Strickland Jr.

Power Quality Engineer: Eddie Plowden (843) 761.8200

Black River Electric Cooperative     President and Chief Executive Officer:  C. H. Leaird

Power Quality Engineer:  Charlie Allen  (803) 469.8060

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative          President and Chief Executive Officer:  Charles E. Dalton

Power Quality Engineer:   Barney Drake  (864) 878.6326

Broad River Electric Cooperative         President and Chief Executive Officer:  J.Richard Baines

Power Quality Engineer:  Josh Krotzer (864) 489.5737

Coastal Electric Cooperative          Chief Executive Officer:  Lawrence J. Hinz

Power Quality Engineer:  Steve Lake (843) 538.5700

Edisto Electric Cooperative         President and Chief Executive Officer: David Felkel

Power Quality Engineer:  Frank Furtick (803) 245.5141

Fairfield Electric Cooperative         Chief Executive Officer :  William L. Hart

Power Quality Engineer:  Thomas Black (803) 754.0153

   Fairfield Electric Charges $75 per month for their net metering.

Horry Electric Cooperative         Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President : James P. Howle

Power Quality Engineer:  Kevin Jordan (843) 369.2211

Laurens Electric Cooperative         President and Chief Executive Officer:  J. David Wasson, Jr.

Power Quality Engineer:  Jim Donahoo (864) 683.1630

Little River Electric Cooperative         General Manager & Power Quality Engineer:  Roland L. White (864) 366.2141 or (800) 459.2141

Lynches River Electric Cooperative         Interim President & Chief Executive Officer:  David A. Altman

Power Quality Engineer:  Phil Monroe  (843) 672.6111

Marlboro Electric Cooperative         President & Chief Executive Officer:  William L. Fleming

Power Quality Engineer:  John Powers  (843) 479.3855 

Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative      President & Chief Executive Officer:  Jack F. Wolfe, Jr.

Power Quality Engineer:  Lee Ayers (803) 749.6555 or (888) 813.9000

        Mid-Carolina Electric Charges $50 per month fee for their net metering.          

Newberry Electric Cooperative      President & Chief Executive Officer:  G. Keith Avery

Power Quality Engineer:  Jason Merchant (803) 276.1121        

Palmetto Electric Cooperative           President & Chief Executive Officer:  G. Thomas Upshaw

Power Quality Engineer:  Bob Bishop (843) 726.5551

Pee Dee Electric Cooperative      President & Chief Executive Officer:  Toy Nettles        

Power Quality Engineer:   Kevin Hammond (843) 665.4070

Santee Electric Cooperative      President & Chief Executive Officer:  Floyd Keels

Power Quality Engineer:  Jay Kirby (843) 355.6187

Tri-County Electric Cooperative     General Manager:  Bob Paulling

Power Quality Engineer:  Steve Ott (803) 874.1215

York Electric Cooperative   President & Chief Executive Officer:  Paul Basha

Power Quality Engineer:  Brent Clinton (803) 684.4247

Duke Energy South Carolina & Duke Energy North Carolina   Customer Owned Generation (866) 233.2290

South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G)

Power Quality Engineer:  Mr. Casey Logan (803) 217.4645