Sunstore Solar offers customized Renewable Energy systems across a broad spectrum of individual needs


From Utility scale projects, to small applications, Sunstore Solar is the solution you are looking for.

Listed below are short explanations of different types of systems.

-Solar Electric "Grid Tied" systems do not store the energy being produced throughout the day.  They simply feed the load directly and send any excess generation back to the utility through a bi-directional meter, which then accredits your account.  When you come home in the evening and begin to use electricity, you begin to consume the credit that have built up through the day and effectively "net" out your usage.  That is what people mean when they say "net zero"  You have produced 100% of your bill and "netted" out to zero dollars owed to the power company.  When done properly a system produces enough energy to end up paying for itself multiple times over in its life.

-Solar Battery System for emergency power.  Although they employ some of the same component these system serve a vary different purpose.  A system like this still has the capability of a grid tied system with and added feature.  The batteries store the power for use during an outage.  Everything is automated so if an outage occurs it pick up the load immediately to prevent any disruption to sensitive loads.  Generally its installed in the same manner as a home generator where as critical loads are identified and physically moved to a new electrical distribution panel (such as well pump, refrigeration, medical equipment, security and communication systems, as well as a few luxury items like lights and TV) these are now your "Secure Loads" and can be maintained through long term outages. 

-Battery Systems (without solar).  These systems act like a UPS for certain circuits in the house, like the ones described above.  they are perfect for getting through short term outages or brownouts without having to mess with a portable generator.  When the grid power is restored the system automatically recharges the battery to be at 100% for the next time needed.  If an outage become prolonged the system has the capability of being recharged by a generator. 

-DC Direct Systems use the power from the panels and use it to power a specific load directly, with out any storage or conversion.  A good example of this is a solar water pumping system that uses a DC pump to pump water during the day to a cistern which can then be used at a later time.  Watering livestock or irrigation are great applications for a DC direct system although some residences also employ this method under certain circumstances.  Such as if you were getting your water from a spring, which generally has too low of a flow for conventional pumping methods.

-Solar Water Heaters.  Collectors capture heat directly by utilizing a heat transfer fluid to circulate through them, then system components exchange and store it for domestic hot water use. 
Products that we sell and install are proven technologies from the best in the industry.

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