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“We had a total of four installations over 4 years that total 25kw, and provides most of our electricity needs. We have been very pleased with our installer Sunstore Solar, and would use them again.”

—Gary D.

“The SunStore team was highly professional from A to Z. If all service and product providers were this much customer-oriented, complaint departments would go out of business.”

—E. Snider

“The Sunstore team was always responsive to inquiries and made good on all promises. The installation team lead was awesome at coordinating the work and keeping us informed on the effort.”


Building a Sustainable Community for Our State

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Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions | Greenville, SC

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Contact Sunstore Solar to get a free estimate for a Solar Electric System custom tailored to your home or business.  We can help you learn more about the financial benefits of owning your energy future

Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions | Greenville, SC

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Making a confident decision is easy when you choose Sunstore Solar.  We are a turnkey provider focused on giving you a positive customer experience.

Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions | Greenville, SC

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